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CTX003: Elias & Mystic State – Shanty EP

For our third release we're very proud to announce our biggest signing to date in the form of one of the West Country's best exports (other than cheese and cider) Mystic State, alongside frequent collaborator and friend, Elias.

Context Audio
Genre – Drum and Bass
Cat Number – CTX003
Release date - 10th June 2016
Artist – Elias & Mystic State

A. Elias - Shanty
B. Elias - Shanty (Mystic State & Elias Remix)
C. Elias & Mystic State - Sunday Ones
D. Mystic State - Raindance

The Shanty EP is a stripped back journey though the deep end of drum and bass, redolent in lush soundscaping and literally dripping in vibes.

Shanty, the title track, is a thing of beauty. Reminiscent of producers like Four Tet or Gold Panda, it pushes the boundaries of the genre with a deep melancholy.

The remix is Shanty turned up to 11. It has all the depth and meaning of the original, but this time it's built for the dancefloor. Already receiving support from none other than Skeptical, it's a thinking DJs weapon.

Sunday Ones is just that, it's a relaxed halfstepper made for those tender little moments. Patient and deep in equal measure, it's the true definition of a healing sound.

Raindance is Sunday Ones without the calm temprament. Another half step track, Raindance is a brooding, aggressive track that evolves throughout, getting weightier each time.